Open the Gates

Revsix Subscription Levels

Combining time-tested political information with a constant flow of commercial data and market research, Revsix provides our clients with the ability to implement a marketing strategy with unprecedented precision and effectiveness. Requests for exclusive rights to data will be entertained and are subject to negotiated terms.


  • Maximum access to all Revsix data, tools and services, including the complete suite of web-based software tools
  • Pre-approval for the number of user accounts.


  • Customized access to Revsix data, tool and services, including Revsix modeling and research,
  • User accounts are limited to a set number,
  • List exports are charged per record ordered, based on the type of export requested
  • Subscribers may request access to targeted exports within their larger data set with pricing determined by the number data points requested.


  • Read-only access to Revsix data and standard reports
  • Exports through a Revsix portal may be purchased at subscriber-level rates
  • Access to raw data for the purposes of validation may be permitted on a case-by-case basis
  • Academic or industry publication of Revsix data in any formsmust be pre-approved by Revsix and include source attribution


  • For the official use of federal, state and/or local elected officials for constituent communications only
  • Logins are limited to 3 users
  • Data exports and uploads are permitted
  • Utilization of the Revsix Mobile application for activities covered under the subscription level is permitted
  • Access to data beyond that found on the QVF or personally uploaded by the user is not permitted