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Corporate Services

Corporate Services

Revsix Data Systems is a full service market research and data management firm. We provide our clients with the products and services necessary to run the most effective, efficient, targeted campaign possible. In conjunction with our strategic partners we conduct traditional public opinion polling and focus group research as well as providing innovative research solutions based on data-driven information.


With all the different platforms available, getting the attention of today’s consumer is a huge challenge. Keeping it is an even bigger challenge. The research and analytics team at Revsix has access to leading market research studies and the latest reports across a wide variety of industries and interests.


Whether you are interested in launching a broad campaign across a number of media markets or tailoring your marketing approach to a specific consumer base, Revsix can help you attract customers more efficiently and with pinpoint accuracy.


In addition to Data management and list services, we also provide services in the following fields:

  • Advertising Tracking and Reporting
  • Mapping and Reporting
  • Market Profiles, Trends, Forecasts

All of our products are supported with metrics which in turn allows you, the client, to accurately determine your return on investment while guiding your future plans for advanced marketing and advertising.